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Film Processing Testimonials

What They’re Saying

“Milo produces quality work and is also full of knowledge about film. Every time he has developed film for me, although it does take a little longer than going to Walgreens, the photos always come out amazing. It is the worst feeling going to a store and paying $30 for photos that don’t even come out well. My favorite part is picking Milos brain about the process of developing film and also hearing about new cameras he has found.”

-Daniel Smoke

"Milo is a friendly and knowledgeable source for film and camera info and supplies. He offers quick, quality film developing and scanning." 

Kel, Spokane, wa.

"Milo is a dream to work with! Incredibly accommodating and communicative throughout the whole process. I received scans for 5 rolls just a couple of days after he picked them up and they all look amazing. 100/10! I will recommend & be coming back again to get all of my film developed."

-Elleri Louise, Spokane, wa.

"I have sent my film off and paid wayyyy more for basic development and gotten similar if not worse results doing so. Milo has been very helpful, charges a fair amount, and even does bulk pricing! Another small perk for me was having him come and pick up my film and drop off my negatives after processing because we live in the same town. Really easy and super friendly. Recommend!"

-Joseph Fassmen, Bend, or.


All these writings are part of my journey within the very wild, magic, photographic world and the many explorations that lay out there draped over trees and at the ancient feet of yellowing hills. Reflections of time spent in a land gone dry.


Spokane, Wa.

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