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Yew-Yaw camera in the most basic sense is working towards being a resource for anyone interested in the world of film photography. Even those who don't know yet that they could use it in their lives. The idea of free/cheap/sliding scale education and materials is a huge part of this project, of this collective. 

Milo Krims is running a mobile, subscription based Film developing/scanning project in Spokane, wa. Selling film cameras, and film to those who are interested as well, while regularly doing giveaways!

 If you are interested in this subscription please reach out! You don't have to be living in the Spokane area to join the subscription. Now, this Blog is solely based on my personal thoughts, experiences with certain gear and ideas woven through the film community in general. I'm constantly learning and trying to do so, and its quite easy to do. There are so many things to try and so much information out there at the ready. I hope this Blog is fun, helpful and if you have any questions or concerns or anything really, please reach out. 


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